Analyst of the Year Nominees

Travis Baker
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Nominated By: Neil Rupp

Travis has been a Help Desk Technician at OSU Wexner Medical Center since February of 2009.  He enjoys helping his customers and tries to project a positive image for the Help Desk.  Above the normal duties of a technician, Travis has planned and executed many team building activities, including numerous potluck luncheons and two fundraising events for Pelotonia, an annual bike ride to support The James Cancer Hospital.

Travis came to Ohio State from AirNet Systems, where he provided after-hours phone and in-person support for the entire organization.  Prior to this, he was employed by MCI WorldCom, Red Roof Inns and the Hocking County Auditor’s office, managing hardware, software, networks and end-user support at those organizations.

Travis attended Ohio University, where he studied Spanish, Computer Science and Secondary Education and graduated with Honors.  He was active in several service organizations as well as the Ohio University Marching Band.  He joined the Peace Corps after graduation and was assigned to Costa Rica in their English teacher training program.

Travis has been active in community service and charity work since he began fundraising with the American Heart Association at the age of 5.  As a member of the Jaycees, he served in several state and local offices, and received multiple awards, including “Boss of the Year” and “Newsletter of the Year”.  Travis helped found a marching band called “Ballyhoo, Inc.” that has raised money for Toys for Tots for over 25 years.


Gary Bone
Safelite AutoGlass

Nominated By: Ken Thompson

Gary Bone has been a star performer on the MRM Service Desk during his 15 year tenure at Safelite. Just recently promoted to Level 2, Gary has been the technical lead for his team, answering many of his colleagues’ questions and assisting with advanced issues. Gary has done an excellent job staying current with new mobile technologies and continues to be a knowledge leader in this space. With his help, the team has developed a robust Knowledge Base that has brought their first level resolution to greater than 95%. In addition to consistently taking Level 1 calls, Gary has trained new team members and consultants. He is an invaluable member of the Safelite MRM Service Desk.


Faith Glover
Speedway LLC

Nominated By: Kent Lyons

Faith Glover has only been with Speedway a year. Faith quickly adapted to the multiple systems, applications and software we support at the Speedway Help Desk. It was not long before Faith was working on calls escalated to her by her peers. I first thought of Faith when a new opportunity opened up in the department. A company of 398 stores that Speedway had purchased but not yet converted to the Speedway brand needed my department to support those locations. I chose Faith to head up the second shift team that was assigned to support those stores.

That company was on a different network in another state using totally different point of sale equipment. Faith was instrumental in developing procedures, becoming an expert on their various systems and helped develop a knowledge base for the rest of the team. Faith’s involvement and dedication kept those retail stores operating as help desk support for that company abruptly shifted to the Speedway corporate office.

Faith is dedicated often picking up extra shifts and staying late if needed. She is great at prioritizing work tasks. Faith is viewed as a trainer and mentor to her peers.


George Johnson
Columbus State Community College

Nominated By: Jason Clever

George is from Logan, OH and graduated Logan High School. He holds an Associates in Broadcast & AV from Hocking College and a Bachelor’s in Audio & Media Production from Ohio University. He also has an A+ and Kramer Certifications. During his free time he enjoys studying, writing, and collecting music. He is also a pretty big Star Wars fan.

He has been an employee at Columbus State for 6 years. Since that time he has moved from part time to full time status. He has acclimated well into his role at the IT Support Center. In this role he has become a “go to” employee who goes above and beyond on a regular basis.


Bernard Leonard
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Nominated By: Bill Breil

There is a lot to talk about in regards to Bernard Leonard.  I can speak to you about his numbers; that he has an 89% FCR across over four thousand tickets that he created this year.  That he has resolved 9% of all of the tickets that have been created within our ticketing tool this year, or about his 95% Customer Satisfaction score.  But what I really want to talk about is who Bernard is as an Analyst and a Co-worker at NCH.

Bernard is one of our analysts who tries to always stay available for our users, and one who very quickly builds rapport and lasting relationships with our users.  One of the common threads in our Satisfaction Surveys about Bernard is that he is “Very Helpful and Friendly,” and I wholeheartedly agree.

However he is not focused solely on the phone either, Bernard has been willing to take on multiple projects, one of which has been leading our project to assist the Technology Trainers move from elbow to elbow support to a virtual support model which allows us to assist more rooms at once as they train large classes of new clinical staff for Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  And on top of this he is always willing to help other analysts with questions and assist with our new hire onboarding process for the Support Center.

Bernard is a wonderful analyst and co-worker, and I look forward to working with him more in the future.


Jeff Miller
Speedway LLC

Nominated By: Kent Lyons

Jeff Miller has only been with Speedway a year. Jeff quickly adapted to the multiple systems, applications, equipment and software we support at the Speedway Help Desk. It was not long before Jeff was working on calls escalated to him by his peers. Jeff was a logical choice when I needed to form a team who could respond quickly to a select group of stores that the Speedway Help Desk supports. Jeff has done an outstanding job in that assignment.

His duties are supporting stores that are new to Speedway. This assignment provides a challenge for everyone on that team as the call volumes from new stores are higher and more complex. However, this is not the only project that Jeff has been involved with.

Jeff has taken the lead with our Windows 7 replacement project for changing out the credit servers and training PC’s in each of our stores. Comments coming back from our maintenance techs who have worked with Jeff are that he has been one of the most knowledgeable and helpful persons they have ever worked with. Jeff has been one of the most professional individuals that I have hired in recent years. No matter how high our call volume is each person Jeff speaks with gets his undivided attention and calm demeanor.


Zach Morris
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Nominated By: Neil Rupp

Zach has always had a passion for helping others and strives to keep a positive attitude towards everything he does. Beyond the normal tasks to be completed at the Help Desk, he is also in charge of the Help Desk Walkup window, located on the hospital campus. There, he manages most of the paging issues for all of the hospitals, as well as customer’s mobile device issues. Along with that, he has been the head of A/V for the Help Desk, filming and editing the videos for the HDI Team Excellence competition for the last two years, in which the Help Desk placed among the top 3 for the past 3 years.

In High School, he assisted the Technology Department as a student. He was also a part of extracurricular groups, such as the Elite Choir, 3 plays and 4 musicals, and helped with the “Adopt a Family” during the seasons. Upon graduating in 2011, at 17 years old, he was hired on full time as a Computer Technician. He was employed there for a few years when an opportunity to work for The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center arose, in which he accepted quickly. He has been with the Help Desk for over a year now, since October of 2014.

Along with working full time at the Help Desk, Zach is working towards his Bachelors of Science, Computer Technology at the Western Governors University, with plans to graduate by the end of 2017.


Jim Moses
Safelite AutoGlass

Nominated By: Aaron Settepanella

Jim Moses started at Safelite as a contractor on September 15, 2014. He was converted to a fulltime associate on December 15, 2014. Jim is married and has four children, two boys and two girls. He enjoys playing video games, tinkering with electronics, hanging out with his kids, and going to the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals games. Over his short time here he has made a great impact as always being the go to guy to cover any open shifts. In addition, he has volunteered for a tremendous amount of extra hours for our Windows 7/ VDI upgrade project while still working fulltime on the Service Desk. As for his work on the IT Service Desk, he is always one of the top performers when it comes to Calls Answered and Customer Satisfaction. He currently receives a 92% positive response rate on Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Many surveys have said that Jim is very friendly, patient, and helpful. He has all the right attributes that we look for in a Service Desk Associate and look forward to the things he will do with the company in the future.


Chad Parknow
Huntington Bank

Nominated By: Andy Nixon

Chad Parknow was born in Erie, PA., and grew up in Girard and Lake City, PA. Chad joined the United States Army in 1996 and was stationed in several places around the world, including South Korea. He was once detained for a few hours in North Korea because he crossed the wrong road while delivering mail to the front lines. Chad’s highest rank was Corporal and he left the U.S. Army in 2001. Chad has 2 sisters and one brother, and about 17 extended family members. Chad has been doing work in I.T. for about 5 years, and has been with Huntington Bank for a little over 2 years. Chad is an avid gamer and a proud supporter of the Pittsburgh Penguins.


John Roessler

Nominated By: David McMillan

John Roessler moved from the Hardware area to the IT Support Center in 2011 where he began expanding his technical and customer service skills. Since this time John has excelled in customer service consistently achieving 4.95 out of 5 on customer surveys.  John has also taken on a leadership role by leading the mobile device team which supports over 500 corporate devices.  John demonstrates strong technical abilities for both hardware and software and is very willing to share knowledge with team.  John has a two year technical degree from Cincinnati State along with his HDI DST certification and ITIL foundations certification achieved in 2014.

John is in every way a team player with his positive attitude and easy going personality.  John stays focused at work and regularly works 45 plus hours each week.  John is always the first to arrive and works late into the afternoon.  John’s work ethic and commitment to our customers is a great example for the team to follow. John’s confident but low key approach to service interactions put’s customers at ease while gaining their confidence.  Even the more demanding customers ask for John by name.

As John’s Manager I continue to challenge by giving him additional duties. Most recently I asked John to act as point person for an internal audit of our Mobile Device environment and to provide content for a Risk Management exercise.  John always manages to find time to complete his work assignments without complaint.


Mic Schultz

Nominated By: David Lowe

Mic began with Northwoods a little over 3 years ago.  His background was mostly in retail, but we saw some real potential in him.  In the past 3 years I have seen Mic progress from a timid new hire to a confident and dedicated member of the team.  I have come to rely on Mic for some of my most challenging tasks and he executes them flawlessly, with a strong vision of the customer and their needs.  The customers love working with him and have come to depend on his expertise to guide them through issues and on the continued development of their software solution.  I expect big things from Mic, and am honored to be a part of his journey.


Michelle Stephens

Nominated By: Patrick Yarnell

She is a Help Desk Analyst, and so much more. A person of deep insight. She inspires a smile within every interaction regardless of the circumstance, or temperature of the room prior to her entrance. A multi-tasker, a wife and mother, a fantastic baker and chef, and she exercises a quick wit not to be trifled with. She is courteous, kind, passionate, empathetic. One who is human and humane all encapsulated within a charismatic personality. One who is no novice to the technological arena, having worked on and with multiple help desk teams, projects and organizations throughout her lengthy career. Over the years she has cultivated many talents and skill sets providing her a portfolio of experience that is evidenced by her storied accomplishments to date.

Also a person of intense focus, one who seeks to understand beyond the surface of the issue. Not someone who dismisses feedback readily, therefore, her insight is valuable and her results oriented approach and work ethic yield bountiful gains to all who garner her attention. She has a heart of gold, a giver of charity and small acts of kindness with both words and deeds. She doesn’t brush aside the requests for her time, rather she embraces it, and forges a path back to where both she and the individuals she’s supporting know that everything will work out in the end. She is a problem solver, and trendsetter of joyous spirit. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Michelle Stephens.


Michael Wright
Sinclair College

Nominated By: Julie O’Brien

I have worked with Michael for ten years as his direct supervisor. Michael is the epitome of the perfect employee and the customer service representative everyone wants to encounter. Words I frequently hear when his name is mentioned are “he’s really great” and “we love working with Michael.”

Michael enthusiastically takes on any task he’s asked to complete, but he also takes the initiative to go that extra mile on his own, always with a positive attitude and with outstanding customer service his ultimate goal.

He is unassuming, kind, professional, responsible, and dedicated to consistently perform his best. In fact, there are so many positive adjectives to describe Michael that I would greatly exceed my 250 word limit.

Michael takes ownership of every problem that comes his way. He never passes the buck or directs blame towards anyone and yet he is quick to admit if he makes even the smallest of errors. I remember one time he called me aside for a serious conversation. He was so somber I thought someone had died, but it wasn’t anything that serious. He told me he couldn’t sleep the night before because he was so upset over something that had happened the previous day. It was so insignificant I barely recall what it was, but I do recall how strongly he took it to heart.  It is that example of integrity and ownership that convinces me that Michael deserves to be honored with this recognition. I hope I’ve convinced you as well.