Analyst of the Year Nominees

2018 Analyst of the Year Nominees:


Bridget Nickell

IT Customer Support Desk Representative @ Bob Evans Restaurants

Nominated by Andy Nixon

Bridget is one of our best agents because of her ability to weed through issues at a high pace. Remarkably, she has only been doing the job for a year, but she outperforms a lot of our team. Bridget has a background in logistics and also has served in our military: this gives her unique perspective on resolving issues and managing her workload. Bridget has regularly gone above and beyond for our user base, sometimes even travelling to sites that are quite far away from our corporate office just to ensure that a job is done right. Bridget's place on our team has been solidified in the past year, she is respected by her peers and is a silent leader on the team. Bridget possesses a personality that allows her to enlighten our area and lighten the mood on most days. Her colleagues regularly report that she does a good job, and she works very hard. Bridget regularly volunteers for overtime just to ensure that our backlog is adequately trimmed. She has a strong sense of customer service and does everything within her power to ensure that our users are taken care of in a fast, efficient manner.


Justin Hernandez

Technician - IT Restaurant Support @ Wendy’s

Nominated by Jayne Gerlach

In the year that Justin Hernandez has been with us, he has quickly become one of our most knowledgeable and dependable team members. He is very professional, both on and off the phones, and goes out of his way to help his teammates and customers. As a leader on the floor, Justin helps manage work flow while challenging his peers to constantly strive for excellence. Justin seems to have an innate ability to see the best in people and can put a smile on anyone’s face. Even when speaking with upset customers, he can always reassure them that their issue will be resolved quickly and leave the customer happy and confident with our services. His peers, and especially newer agents, look to him first for assistance with difficult issues due to his approachable attitude and wealth of knowledge. Justin is always conscious of possible process improvements and takes the initiative to present them to leadership in well thought out proposals. He is very driven and selfmotivated, and the pride he takes in his work is obvious by its quality. Justin consistently meets or exceeds his monthly KPI goals and goes above and beyond to ensure the customer is taken care of. W e can always count on Justin to volunteer for extra hours when needed, and to never leave a task incomplete.


Isaiah Schurch

IT Customer Support Desk Representative @ Bob Evans Restaurants

Nominated by Andy Nixon

Isaiah has spent a lot of his career in the restaurant industry in a management capacity, only recently venturing into IT support. His knowledge of the business is impeccable and gives him a unique perspective on the intricacies of running a restaurant. Isaiah has quickly become our go-to guy for helping to ensure a smooth transition to a new POS system. During the last year, Isaiah was the first winner of our 'Good Direction' award, given to Service Desk analysts who go above and beyond to assist our business partners. Isaiah has been instrumental in distributing knowledge among his peers and other IT groups. The team regularly praises him for his help and willingness to do whatever is necessary for us to be successful. The biggest thing that seperates Isaiah from his peers in the industry is his willingness to help, no matter what the task. He rarely gets frustrated, and if he does, he handles himself in a professional manner. He is one of the best agents that we've ever worked with at Bob Evans. Isaiah lives in Marion, Ohio and enjoys gaming as a hobby. He probably has more Star Wars knowledge than George Lucas.


Alex Zofchak

Customer Support Associate @ Northwoods

Nominated by David Lowe

Alex is one of the newer members of our team and has consistently shown his resourcefulness and dependability in working with complex and vague issues. Alex tackles challenges with grace and professionalism that I wish could be duplicated. Without his hard work, our support center would not be as successful as it is.


Nicholas Tyo

Remote System Administrator @ Northwoods

Nominated by David Lowe

Nick has been a leader on our team since he began. He understands our customer, has empathy for their issues and builds lasting relationships with both the team and the customer. He has mentored our most successful new hires and has recently been promoted to a new role with a very high profile customer.


Ali Alattraqchi

Nelson @ Wendy’s

Nominated by Jayne Gerlach

Ali Alattraqchi has proven himself a reliable and valuable team member. W ith an approachable attitude, he is a trusted resource for our front-line and continually learns new skills to benefit the department and himself. Ali is a leader on the floor, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for our restaurants with his peers, especially our newer agents. Ali has a great passion for providing outstanding customer service to our restaurants, keeping their best interests in mind. Ali can quickly diagnose and resolve issues which allows his customers to return to their day to day tasks and minimize impact to our restaurants. His name is always at the top of the team metrics list for calls answered and incidents closed. Ali takes tremendous pride in his job and is often found researching more efficient ways to resolve our restaurants’ technological issues. He takes the extra time to resolve an issue, provide follow-ups to reduce customer effort and share his knowledge with his peers. Many of our Level 1 technicians recognize Ali for his strong technical knowledge and the passion he takes in sharing this knowledge. Ali is self-motivated to meet all goals set before him. On monthly scorecards, he meets his KPI goals every period year to date. He is dependable, can be counted on to be on time, and work overtime to meet business needs. He is an anchor in the evenings and we take comfort knowing Ali will do everything it takes to “Delight Every Customer”.


Zachary Nelson

Service Desk Analyst @ Safelite AutoGlass

Nominated by Aaron Settepanella

Zach Nelson joined Safelite as an IT Service Desk Specialist in 2014. He quickly became a leader and was looked up to as someone who would work to make sure things got done. He was recently promoted to our Analyst team and has become the go to member of that team. He has been described as the “Knowledge Base “of the Service Desk. Through his hard work and dedication, he has come to have a great understanding of our systems and applications. Zach is also our team trainer and is invested in teaching the skills and techniques to our associates. He takes the time to have them understand why an issue is occurring, instead of just telling them how to fix it and moving on. He also built our team Sharepoint site and is responsible for the OneNote knowledge base. Zach is an invaluable team member who always puts the customer first and works to ensure their issues are taken care of as quickly as possible.


Elena Fisk

Service Desk Analyst @ Safelite AutoGlass

Nominated by Aaron Settepanella

Elena Fisk has been with Safelite for four years and is an integral part of our team. Her attitude and focus on customer service make her stand out. She was recently promoted to our Analyst team and has made a seamless transition. She is always quick to assist, is patient, and works with our Specialists to ensure that the customer is take care of. She takes the time to share her knowledge and experience with all of our associates. She was also a leader in our recent move to BY OD for mobile devices. It was a large project and she stepped up and helped make the project run smoothly. She became a subject matter expert for this product and has worked with everyone, including executives, to ensure they were able to use it with ease. Her leadership and caring heart make her an invaluable part of the IT Service Desk here at Safelite.


Phillip (PJ) Haley

Customer and Application Support Associate @ ARCOS LLC

Nominated by Shara Hutchinson

PJ Haley has been with ARCOS for about a year and a half. In this time, he has demonstrated the ability to take initiative in tough situations, learn our products to provide accurate ticket resolution, offer insight to customers on ARCOS best practices, train his peers, foster teamwork and maintain a strong customer focus. At times it is necessary to push back on other departments when we believe the resolution provided is not in the best interest of the customer. PJ thrives in these situations because he is “relentless about customer success”. He has developed a great reputation with our customer base and has a handful of customers who will call the Support Center and ask for him directly because they trust him. PJ is a true problem solver and is always willing to learn something new and/or help when there is a need. This makes him a great asset, not only to the support team, but to other departments as well. He assists with facilitating our daily Support standup meetings. His positive attitude and outlook encourage unity on our team which is one of the key factors that makes our department high-performing. PJ is invaluable to the team. I look forward to seeing his continued growth.


Sean Armstrong

Service Desk Analyst @ American Cancer Society

Nominated by Angie Hodges

Sean Armstrong holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School in Columbus, with a concentration in network and communication management. Prior to joining the American Cancer Society Service Desk in 2013, he began his career working for Nationwide Insurance as a Service Desk Analyst. At the ACS Service Desk, Sean supports inbound calls and chats from 5300 staff. With a 70% first contact resolution, he is responsible to provide remote support for Hardware for office and remote workers, mobility support to over 3000 BY OD, and Software support including Office 365/Outlook 2016/Skype for Business/One Drive/One Note/SharePoint. Sean’s technical skills are superb. He is the Lead analyst for the Messaging and Collaboration SME group for Client Services (Service Desk and Desk Top Support across our IT organization). His work in this role spans from handling escalations, training new SME members, developing training and resource materials and handling the most challenging tickets. Sean takes on these extra tasks while still maintaining the highest-level customer service quality. His focus on getting the customer back to work and providing a world class experience along the way has resulted in an exceptional 98 % customer satisfaction survey result this year. Focusing on the area of Leadership, Sean is a mentor to the new staff at the Service Desk, takes a leadership role in managing chat scheduling and staffing, and this year he is participating in a prestigious companywide year- long Leadership Development program that involves group projects and self-motivated tasks.


Skip Stocksdale

Technician II @ Columbus State Community College

Nominated by Christina Stillion

The IT Support Center handles incoming calls from staff, students, and faculty. We also manage PC hardware installations for Departments as well as providing virtual support. Skip is one of the best technicians in this department, and his customer service is widely known throughout the entire campus. Last year he received staff employee of the month and this year alone received numerous kudos from fellow employees. The Ohio Association of Community Colleges (OACC) relies on Columbus State for hardware and software support. When we visited them to assess their current equipment, we found out that they are working on old equipment. We were able to upgrade their equipment and Skip was also able to make recommendations on what router to use. Skip's dedication and service to get the OACC up and running was mentioned to Dr. Harrison, who is the president of the college. The email that was sent to Dr. Harrison stated, "I can't begin to tell you how blown away we have been by the help and service we have gotten from your IT team recently. They have gone above and beyond in terms of bringing us in the modern age of IT. In particular I wanted to call out Skip Stocksdale who has been really amazing. His customer service skills are beyond anything I've ever seen from an professional in his role. Thanks again for making Columbus State such a great partner to the OACC." With that said, I'm happy to nominate a keyplayer to our team.


Shane Wooley

Help Desk Technician @ The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Nominated by Dewayne Dillard

Shane joined our team a contractor and quickly progressed to a full time appointment. He is always quick to volunteer when special projects need to be completed by our team, and often looks for new ways to allow him to further contribute to the success of our organization. Over the past year, Shane has created several self help / how to videos that we have published on our internal customer facing portal. These videos provide step by step instructions for completing tasks and have helped to reduce calls to our Help Desk. Shane has recently taken on the responsibility of assisting with the maintenance of our internal customer facing IT webpage. Shane has completed all of this while remaining one of the team's highest achievers. On average he handles between 50 - 60 calls per day with an 80% First Call Resolution Rate. In my role as a Sr. Technician I often rely on Shane to take over tasks in addition to his normal duties. I know that I can assign any task to him and be confident that it will be completed on time and without having to prompt him for its completion. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have Shane as a member of our team.


Jesse Remnant

IS Support Center Analyst @ Nationwide Children's Hospital

Nominated by Bill Breil

Jesse Remnant has been nominated by Nationwide Children's Hospital for Analyst of the year, not only by myself, but by his peers as well. Nearly everyone polled had something wonderful to say about him as a person, the quality of his work and his leadership on the team, but I wanted to share three specific comments which puts him at the top: Jesse always goes above and beyond. When asked to do anything or follow up on something he doesn't bat an eye. When you go to him with knowledge he takes it and moves forward with the knowledge implementing it into his day to day interaction with users. Jesse is a hard worker. He is dependable and (his) ticket quality is second to none. He is very friendly and will always work hard to find the answer and if there is an issue that he cannot fix, he will follow the ticket until he is sure it has gotten to the right team. Jesse is a leader on the team - always available for questions from teammates, always willing to help the customer, and when something major breaks - is usually the one to volunteer to get the information to the team, coordinate with other teams, and provide information as needed. Leadership, ownership and a focus on the customer - The only way he could be better was if he consistently exceeded our requirements for weekly metrics… which he has done for 34 weeks in a row this year.


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